How To Plan Your Staycation This Summer

Staycations are proving more popular than ever before, as we emerge from a year in and out of COVID-19 lockdowns. In these uncertain times, while we slowly transition back into normality, self-catering cottages are a great holiday option, with many accommodations already having opened as of the 12th of April. 

With a huge surge in demand for bookings over summer, it is no surprise how quickly many self-contained cottages are selling out. Although travelling across the world might be off the cards for this year, staycations show no sign of being cancelled anytime soon, but since it has been so long since many of us went away, how exactly do you plan your summer holiday again?


Tips To Help Plan A Staycation

Choose Your Budget

Before anything else, set your budget. The great thing about self-contained cottages is how you can cater your trip to your specific requirements. You choose the length of your stay, any activities you want to do, food and drink, and anything else you will need to buy on your travels. Holiday cottages can be a great budget option, starting at low rates but can also cater to larger families after a luxury staycation. 

If you do choose to go with a larger group of friends/family, however, just bear in mind the roadmap dates. As of April 12th, you will only be able to stay with members of your household or support bubble; from the 17th of May, holidays will be permitted with up to 6 people from different households or two households/support bubbles. It will not be until June 21st that all social restrictions will come to an end and you will be able to travel without any rules.

Family Exploring

Pick A Location

Location, location, location! Holiday cottages are up and down the country, so there is bound to be a perfect match for everyone. Many cottages are located in the tranquil countryside, offering guests a place to relax and be stress-free, especially after the year everyone has had. A quiet location can also allow guests to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy towns and cities while offering a COVID-safe holiday option.

Now with pubs and other amusements beginning to reopen again, you may want to opt for a busier location. When looking for accommodation, filter to see how far away you are from any local amenities and go from there.


COVID-Safe Holiday

Many countries are in talks about vaccine passports and/or imposing travel bans, which looks like international trips may completely be off for the foreseeable, unless travellers can provide a negative COVID test, be fully vaccinated, or quarantine for several days. Staycations remove this hassle of having to isolate for up to 2 weeks, and the additional costs required from frequent testing, while still offering the opportunity to have an unforgettable holiday.

So, although Britain might not quite have the tropical climate, it is a much safer and convenient option, and you will not have to miss out on any fun. If you would like to find out more about the holiday cottages in Northampton that we have available, then get in contact with us today via our contact form or by calling 013278 11714.