Reasons to Take Your Dog Away on Holiday

After the pandemic, everyone is looking to get away and considering a dog-friendly holiday is something that the whole family will appreciate, especially your furry best friend. Dog friendly holiday cottages and B&Bs are becoming more popular as time goes on. So why take your dog with you on your travels (if you ever needed a reason!)?


Why You Should Take Your Dog On Holiday


Where Should I Book?

Booking a dog friendly cottage will allow you to be at one with nature and truly get the most out of your time with your family or friends. They give you a full sense of independence and the majority of the time, you can come and go as you please throughout the holiday with no restrictions. You can expect to pay a bit more for a cottage, but your dog will love it.



Let’s face it, your dog isn’t going to tell you that it doesn’t want to go play in the sea or go for a walk in the woods. You get to spend that much-deserved time with your pooch that may have been put aside due to other commitments throughout the year.



Dogs are usually extremely sociable. They don’t mind trotting up to someone they haven’t met, so even if you have a small party with you, your dog will most likely say hello to the neighbours and get you chatting. This provides you with an even better experience as they can become your conversation starter if you’re not feeling too sociable yourself.

Mother daughter and dog in a field

No Worrying

If you’ve been away on holiday without your dog before, you’ll know that you worry about lots of different things. Are the people looking after your pets good at what they do? Is my dog going to end up with kennel cough? Or maybe it’s just the guilt of leaving your dog at home whilst you go away and have a good time.

Having your dog with you lets you be stress-free. And let’s face it, you feel like a great dog mum/dad having brought your pooch for a good time as well. The stress of leaving your dog can also promote various health problems for your dog such as separation anxiety and unwanted stress. It’s not just your stress levels on the line!



Dog holidays allow you to explore places that you probably wouldn’t find without your furry best friend. They’re incredibly nosy and will venture into places that you can’t see. You’ll most likely even make new friends due to the irresistible cuteness of your dog. Some pubs are also dog-friendly so you don’t need to make any sacrifices such as leaving the dog back at the cottage so you can go for a meal. Make sure they are well trained before going into places like this as it could be embarrassing getting kicked out!



Nothing beats a holiday with your dog, ask any dog lover. Consider booking a dog-friendly holiday cottage with Tove Valley Cottages. Your whole family can get away and spend that quality time with your dog that you need so much. Call 01327 811714 to speak to one of our friendly team members, likewise you can fill in this contact form.