Things To Do On a Countryside Holiday

Taking a cottage holiday rather than opting for pricier holidays abroad has an abundance of unique advantages. A trip to the country offers the holidaymaker a sense of tranquillity that they might not often find in sunnier destinations. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will feel compelled to book a holiday a little closer to home and see for yourself the many wondrous attractions to be found from a cottage holiday.


Countryside Activities to Fill Your Day

For many people, reconnecting with nature can be a fulfilling experience. Living a busy working life with no off button can often find people losing touch with the calming effect that the great outdoors can give. When you book a cottage holiday, endless green spaces are waiting to be explored.

Long walks in the countryside can help you reconnect with nature and find a sense of calm in the world. This is also a great activity if you plan to bring along your four-legged friends who will love running and exploring with you. And, of course, nothing is more welcoming than a cosy roaring fire at the end of a busy day exploring, giving you plenty of time to relax with the family.

Pubs & Restaurants 

Checking out the local pubs and restaurants is a must if you’re planning a trip to the countryside. There is an element of excitement when you head out and see what you can find. You will probably stumble upon all manner of hidden gems as you root out the cosiest looking pub. You will be able to sample various local brews and homemade cuisines and get a taste for what makes the area tick.

Cycling Adventures

Cycling is another fun way of getting out on a warm day. It will allow you to cover more ground when exploring and is a pleasant change from walking, especially if you haven’t cycled for a while. If you don’t have a bicycle, the countryside offers plenty of resources, and there is likely a place nearby that will let you hire a bike for the day.

family enjoying the countryside

Nature Trails

Nature trails are another perfect activity for a summer day — ideal for getting the whole family out of the cottage and into the fresh air. The kids will love spotting all the different types of wildlife that the countryside has to offer, and it gives them a chance to freely explore and fall in love with what the outdoors.


Kayaking and boating is another activity not to be missed if there is a boating school nearby. This can be a fun and rewarding experience where you will learn new skills to navigate your kayak along the water. Take a packed lunch along and make a day of exploring and maybe even discover a new hobby.


Things For Rainy Days

Expecting sunny days every day may be a little optimistic. Chances are you are going to experience some wet days during your countryside holiday. Planning for this will prevent you from wasting your day sitting around, hoping for brighter weather. Maybe there is that novel you’ve been dying to read. 

If the kids are with you, why not see what board games you can find around the cottage? Most cottages will provide things like DVD’s and board games, so utilising these on rainy days will help keep you all entertained. 


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