Benefits of Choosing a Self-Catering Holiday Cottage

Self-catering holiday cottages have become a very popular choice for holidays and give an array of benefits to those holidaymakers who choose to book them. One of the many benefits of a holiday cottage is that the vast majority are self-catering which affords fantastic flexibility and cost savings. Combined with the ability to be COVID-secure these cottages are likely to become hugely popular for travellers in 2021.

Benefits of Self-Catering Holiday Cottages       


The most obvious benefit is of course flexibility. When visiting a hotel you’ll likely have set meal times and while you may have a buffet or other options, there is every chance that not everything on the menu is to your taste, especially if you have an intolerance or allergy. If you’re in a self-catering holiday cottage none of these issues will apply. 

If you fancy a takeaway for dinner you can go ahead and order one. If you have an intolerance or a fussy eater in the family then you can make use of the kitchen as it’s easy to cater to it when you know all the ingredients going into your food. What about if you want to go on a sunrise hike? You don’t have to worry about being early for breakfast when you can eat early, or even take breakfast with you. There are truly no limits placed on you if you choose a self-catering cottage.

family enjoying the countryside


Cost is of course one of the primary concerns for any holiday for the vast majority of us, and it’s always nice to save some cash. If you’ve booked an all-inclusive holiday you may feel obliged to eat at the hotel as you’ve effectively already paid for it, but by choosing a self-catering holiday you can remove this worry, and save money in the process. If you’re travelling with the family it’s always cheaper to visit the local supermarket and make fresh meals from scratch in the kitchen, and this can even be livened up if your holiday cottage has a bbq, pizza oven, or another interesting way to cook.

COVID-19 Safety

A big factor for anyone considering a holiday is also COVID safety. While hotels, of course, do their utmost to protect people it’s almost impossible to completely protect everyone all of the time, but with a cottage, it can be done easily. You won’t come into contact with any other guests and of course, there’ll also be no buffets or dining halls as all your food will be prepared by you.

Hopefully, this blog has convinced you that self-catering cottages and lodges are a viable, safe, and well thought out holiday alternative to the traditional image you might think of when someone asks you about your next holiday!


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