Countryside Holiday Cottage Or Busy City Break – Which is Right For You?

When it comes to making a genuine break for it, it’s sometimes hard to know where to go. Do you look for holiday cottages out in the countryside, or do you prefer a smart apartment in a city? Do self-catering cottages appeal to you? In 2021, they’re an amazing holiday opportunity.


Before you go ahead and book any lodge holidays or decide to take a tour of your local cities, let’s consider what you need to know about both choices, so you can decide which might work best for you!

Countryside Cottage Holidays

Many people prefer lodge holidays because they give you a break from the action. If you’re already used to working 24/7 in a town or city location, then you’re likely to want to spend some time out in the fresh air. It’s really invigorating to just take a few days out to yourself deep in the countryside or close to the coast.


What’s more, country holidays open you up to the beauty of nature. The UK is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, cities and city breaks definitely have their plus points, but nothing beats getting away from it all by taking the time to sit out in lush fields and farm locations.


Country holidays may not appeal to people who need or want access to shopping or busy hospitality spots all of the time. However, self-catering cottages aren’t disconnected from civilisation, holiday lodges up in rural locations are offering broadband internet and even smart TVs. These holidays are for people who don’t mind slowing things down and taking life at a slower pace, if only temporarily to give yourself a walking in a field of crops

City Breaks

City breaks away are preferred by people who don’t mind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. City holidaymakers probably prefer to be around other people than to be out in the sticks! City breaks allow you to sample a huge range of cultures, cuisine, and more. What’s more, city breaks are always varied – meaning if you like taking a lot in whenever you head off on holiday, these are likely to be good picks.


However, city breaks can be very noisy and intrusive depending on where you stay, and can often be more expensive. When you’re out in the countryside or in a rural lodge, you have the immediate security and safety of the rolling hills and valleys surrounding you for miles around. City breaks tend to get a bit tiring! If you choose holiday cottages, they provide a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the countryside.

What’s Best For You?

It’s perfectly reasonable to enjoy both city and country breaks! Therefore, you don’t have to pin yourself to either camp. However, we recommend country breaks if you want to take some time away from the strains and stresses of modern day life.


If you are interested in booking a self-catering cottage, then get in contact with us today and discover our range of self-catering holiday cottages in Northamptonshire ready for you to explore from.