Renting a Cottage vs Staying in a Hotel

OK, so it’s finally holiday time! But do you stay in a hotel or rent a cottage? A lot of people will be in the habit of booking a hotel as soon as they know they’re off on a holiday. And hotels can be a good choice, however, consider choosing from a great range of holiday cottages for your next break. Here are some benefits of renting a cottage instead of staying in a hotel room.


Benefits of Renting a Holiday Cottage


The Facilities

With holiday cottages, a lovely benefit is the range of extra facilities you can take advantage of. For example, your cottage may contain a cinema room for some holiday movie entertainment. Or maybe you’ll opt for a place with a games room for when the family needs a break from their outdoor adventuring.


The Environment

When we reach your destination, checking into your chosen hotel and spending some downtime in your room can be a great feeling. But it’s fair to say that a lot of people cannot relax in a hotel room in the same way they could if they chose to rent a cottage. For starters, you have that age-old issue of noisy people on the other side of your wall when you just want to sleep. Of course, with your own private cottage that is never going to be an issue.

Plus, think about that cottage set-up in detail. That cosy, traditional, quiet cottage could be exactly what you need to help encourage a calmer, less stressful and more relaxing holiday. 



Some hotels may allow elements of freedom, but not to the same degree as a holiday cottage. In your own private cottage, you can relax wherever you want; you’re not only confined to one room. You have your own space to use as you need to. Renting a holiday cottage is like having your own home away from home.

family cooking dinner together in cottage


Of course, it’s likely that staying in a hotel is going to be a bit more expensive than renting a cottage. With that in mind, it’s really not hard to argue that it is the better value option. You’re paying for your own lovely cottage – not just a standard hotel room – and all the features and facilities that come with it in a beautiful, endearing and comfortable setting. 

Are you someone who always books a hotel for their holidays? If so, have you been convinced by our blog to renting a cottage for your next getaway? There are some beautiful cottages in the incredible Northamptonshire countryside that will add something extra special to your holiday experience. So, if you haven’t rented a cottage before, now could be the time to do so!


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