What To Look For When Booking A Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage

Going on holiday is something that we wait for all year round and there’s nothing better than getting all the family together in one place. For anyone with dogs, this includes the furry members of the family. They deserve a holiday too and will look forward to it just as much as we do. However, when you’re deciding on where to travel, it’s important to ensure that your destination is fully equipped for your pet so they have a great time too and you don’t have to worry about their needs.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage

Going to a dog-friendly holiday cottage is the perfect idea if you want to take your dog with you. It means that you can take care of your dog and spend time with them as you would at home and it gives you the freedom to be flexible too.

The Most Important Things for Your Dog

When you’re browsing for your booking, there are a few essentials that you’ll need to check out.

·        Open Space

First and foremost, your dog will need a lot of space to run around. That’s what they love most after all. While you’re taking a nap in the sun or you’re lounging in the hot tub, make sure your pooch has an open space to explore to keep them occupied.

·        Sleeping Facilities

Depending on how your dog usually sleeps at home, you might need space to set them up for comfort at night. If your dog is crate trained, then it’s important to have space within the holiday cottage to set up a crate in a place where your dog will feel safe and secure.

·        Enclosed Garden

Security is important outside the cottage too. You’re unlikely to have your eye on them all the time, especially if you’re having family fun, so the outdoor space around the cottage must be enclosed to stop your dog from wandering off. Dogs are naturally curious and they may be tempted by a new smell and accidentally move too far away from the cottage if left unsupervised. It’s also possible that they’ll want to chase rabbits or squirrels if you’re in the countryside.

·        Dog-Friendly Beaches

In the summer, it’s only natural to want to spend a day at the beach and you don’t want your dog to miss out on the family fun. For this reason, it’s a great idea to look out for holiday cottages that are close to dog-friendly beaches so you don’t need to leave them behind on your trip.

·        Extra Treats

Your dog needs to feel special too and some dog-friendly accommodation offers additional extras for free. Just like you would leave a bottle of wine on the kitchen worktop to welcome you to the cottage, your dog may be left with a jar of treats. Cottages that specifically cater to dogs in this way are an amazing option for your holidays and you won’t have to feel overly guilty about fur on the furniture. If the owner cares enough about your pooch to leave treats, they’ll understand that there’s likely to be a few stray hairs.

·        Dog-Friendly Pubs

Going on holiday is about treating yourself, so you won’t want to stay self-catering every night. If you’re planning to have a few nights in the town, you must find places that will welcome your dog with open arms too.

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